amlog(1)At first glimpse, the Amaterra logo looks somewhat like the traditional Chinese Yin-Yang symbol which expresses a balance between opposing forces.    A  closer inspection, however, reveals an asymmetry that results from introducing the heart.  The heart has its own logic and seeks its own path through the universe.  This heart represents not only the human heart but also the Heart of the Earth, both dynamically engaged in a great work of reconciliation, moving together toward ultimate wholeness.


The Amaterra logo has the power to speak directly to the human psyche of restoration, reconciliation, and perfection.  It is our gift to you, and all people, for the promotion of love for the whole Earth.


The spiritual side of ecology

Amaterra has always sought to increase public awareness of spiritual paths that, as part of their core beliefs and practices, promote a sensitivity to the protection of the Earth.  Currently, we provide web links to some of these sites.  We believe that spiritual paths impacting the environment in a positive fashion  encourage a deeper human connection to the Earth.   A fine  example from the Jewish faith is The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL).  One of their goals is to, “Explore nature from a Jewish perspective and rekindle connections between nature, spirituality and Judaism.”  Two excellent resources for Christians concerned about the environment and Christian approaches to ecology are the >Fund for Christian Ecology< and The Christian Ecology Link.  Another useful site, Web of Creation, provides ecology resources to transform faith and society. An excellent Muslim source is“Kaleafa.” Two Buddhist resources are: Karida Buddhist Sangha and Earth Sangha.