Earth Endowment Micro-Grants
Since 1980 a History of Service

The degradation or the improvement of the environment knows no political boundaries.  The depletion of rain forest impacts the quality of the air we breath no matter where we are.  Because of this, Amaterra has not limited its effort to the United States. Our contributions in Mexico, for example, have enabled us to have a much greater impact than similar contributions for projects in richer countries. Amaterra has provided funding and other labor and material contributions in the U.S.A, Cambodia, Burma, Mexico, and Zambia.

In 1980 a handful of Amaterra members decided to set up an endowment fund.  Over the years, through careful management, the fund grew to a point where we have been able to use its annual increase as a significant source to fund small grass-roots projects.  Rare among non-profits and charities, we have always had the policy to never solicit contributions from anyone or any other organization. We have believed that if we act first, support will come of its own accord from those who want to help. We are proud of the fact that, for thirty-five years, we have never asked for a contribution.

During the first four years of Amaterra, from 1980 to 1984, the organization sponsored many field trips, weekend camping, and treks with nature interpreters. These were held for families of the small Arizona membership.The transition to our larger service-oriented work did not begin until 1984. Only our history of service is documented here.

Index to past projects:

Years 2005-2009

Spay and Neuter Project 2009

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary 2009

Mayo Agriculture Project 2006-2007

Burma Lifeline 2008

Cuatro Cienegas Project 2008

Water for People 2006 -2008

Cambodia Project 2005-2006

Goodman Point Project 2005

Years 2001-2004

Dendrochronology Field School 2004

El Morro Project 2003-2004

Years 1995-2001

Obregon Microgrant 2001

CEDO Microgrant 2001

Sierra Ancha Project 1995 – 1996

Years 1985-1994

Tumamoc Hill Desert Laboratory  1992 – 1994

Canelo Hills Sanctuary 1987 -1989

Sand Canyon Pueblo 1985-1993