The “Credo” represents the core, or heart, of Amaterra.
It expresses a set of ideals based upon an ecologically
responsible model of our relationship with the Earth.


“I believe in the sanctity and goodness
of the Whole Earth and all that dwell therein,
and in the One Web of Life
in which all are mutually sustained
and through which all shall find purpose.
And I believe that
within the household of the Earth
where brokenness exists, it is my brokenness;
where estrangement exists, it is my estrangement;
where imperfection exists, it is my imperfection.

And I therefore acknowledge
that the destiny of my life
and the destiny of all other life
are one and inseparable:
and I seek a future
in which the broken shall be restored,
the estranged shall be reconciled,
and the imperfect shall find perfection,
for myself and all other members
of the Household of the Earth.”

 – Roger Irwin, © Amaterra 1982