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Supporting Membership ---- FREE!

      Amaterra believes that it is important to provide free memberships.  Activating your membership immediately helps us in two ways.  First, it encourages us by knowing that people support our work.  Second, an anonymous donor has agreed to contribute $3.00 to Amaterra for each membership activated. All members, of whatever category, will receive periodic email for updates of information about current activities. 

Endowment Membership -----Make a contibution

      Endowment members are those who contribute any amount. Ninety-five percent of all contributions are applied to our small grass roots projects.  A very small portion of contributions pays for expenses such as web site costs, paper, stamps, etc. Amaterra has no paid staff and operates solely with volunteers. 

To activate your membership in Amaterra please send us an email with your name and mailing address as your message to:

(To contact us for any reason please use the above address.)

       Amaterra is organized exclusively for research and education regarding the preservation and improvement of the natural resources of the earth for the benefit of present and future generations.  We do not have any paid staff. We encourage you to thoroughly check us out before contributing.

      Our organization is a tax-exempt Public Charity founded in 1980 and approved for federal tax purposes, under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code, since April 1982.Our most recent letter from the IRS giving our status and tax identification number can be viewed in PDF format here.  Also an IRS record search may quickly be made HERE. You are also invited to view our complete incorporation papers and Bylaws. And finally, our corporation filings with the State of Arizona are HERE under the file number of 01345981-1.

Board of Directors:

Roger Irwin, Founder & President, Shawn Hardeman, Vice President; Carla Van West, Secretary/Treasurer; David Berger, Director; Nancy Wall, Director; Kali Branson, Director; Kariman Pierce, Director; Joe Swaffar, Director; Tyler Pierce, Director.

Maize Grant Committee:

Roger Irwin, Ed.D. Chairman; Carla Van West, Ph.D. Archaeology; Karen Adams, Ph.D. Ethnobiology; Reed Anderson, Ph.D. Spanish Language & Culture; Tim Amsden, J.D. Law & Environment; Lucia Amsden, MSW Family & Community; Brenda Shears, MA Anthropology, Director of Outreach and Operations, Emeriti, Global Institute of Sustainability, ASU.


We absolutely do not sell, or share, membership information with other persons or organizations.